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The Yacht Goers

Once a year in Miami, FL sailors bring in their yachts and gather around the beach in front of the most influential hotels Miami has to offer, specifically the Fontainebleau Resort, a staple to the once lavish past of Miami. In February, the boat show causes both wonder and traffic for weeks. Wonder of the magnificent yachts that float into the inlet from the high seas from voyages one can imagine of faraway destinations. To locals it is a time of the year to look for various methods around the traffic and the hoopla. As a single file armada of yachts begin to enter into the Miami Intracoastal Waterway with only two drawbridges that allow one to exit and enter the area.


Yachts are on display and for sale – most the price of a house, a large house. Who said the days of wine and roses ended in 2008? The boat show has successfully continued since then and travelers from around the world gather in Miami to get a taste of high-seas luxury. They come to not only see the boats but to buy, and when walking thorough the event one can see that the Yachts are selling. Sold another dream, another lifestyle.

By appointment only is the response a visitor receives when asks to board and take a look at a yacht. This is a change I noticed from previous years. Never before was one questioned when requested to tour the yacht. This year there seemed to be a heightened need to sell. To sell and partake in the lifestyle of sailing on long voyages, taking in the sun and relaxing life away. All are welcome to live in luxury with champagne bottles popping, a celebration of laughter, as hostesses in sailor suits pour one a full glass of bubbly. Is the yacht goer’s lifestyle an open-door policy to live in luxury at least on the high seas, a stringent members-only affair? This show gives us a sneak peak to see how the other side lives.