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Required Reading: Bunny and Coco Get Smashed

Bunny and Coco Get Smashed stories from six years in the drinking life by Bunny and Coco Ultramod

You know how some movies start and the end then flashback to the beginning?  This review will attempt the same format.  So without further adieu, if you’re into cocktail culture, you need to read this book.

Flash back a couple weeks… I was given the opportunity to review this book.

I was half expecting yet another recipe book or perhaps a alcohol soaked memoir of a couple eccentric bon vivants but what this actually  is, is a collection of essays on the topic of cocktail craft and drinking culture over the entire course of recorded human history.

Yes there’s the introduction that gives the brief history of Bunny and Coco and the genesis of the Ultramods including some fun anecdotes spanning the cocktail museum in New Orleans to the 21 Club in New York; but there is so much more going on here.

The essays cover everything from Greek mythology to the nefarious marketing practices behind Thunderbird wine.  You would think this book would be all over the place but it actually all flows together into a single timeline.   How they manage to fit it all in just over a hundred pages without making it feel rushed is pretty amazing.  So many topics were covered and they were all done without cutting any corners.

They don’t waste your time rehashing cocktail lore you probably heard a hundred times before, everything topic discussed new and eye-opening, told in a lighthearted, entertaining way.  It’s not like a text book or dull academic thesis but rather it felt more like a conversation with good friends at a cocktail party.

I’ve read it twice so far and both times once I started, I couldn’t put it down until it was finished.  It’s a really fun read.  Surprising very educational, even to the seasoned cocktail aficionado.  If you are a cocktail historian or a fan of cocktail culture this is must for your library.

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Xan Garcia

Xan Garcia

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