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Chasing Hemingway

Travel the world following this legendary imbiber.


Hemingway fans can unite and celebrate the American literary great.  Not just by reading his extraordinary works of short stories and novels either.   Hemingway was an avid traveler across the globe, but he found multiple cities that he called “home” and frequented certain local spots.  For real Hemingway aficionado’s, toasting to him in any or all of these famed bars, will show passion to his legacy.   Thinking about chasing Hemingway?  Or feeling the need to channel your inner Hemingway?  Then take some sips of his favorite drinks at his signature bars.

The most famous in America is Key West Florida’s Sloppy Joe’s.  Not only is this bar famous because it opened immediately at the end of prohibition, but Hemingway was a good whiskey patron that also encouraged the name after befriending the owner and the shabbiness of the bar remained “sloppy.”  The corner of Green and Duvall streets were never the same again.  Sloppy Joe’s still has its original flair as a local landmark.  A taste of Hemingway’s legacy still lives on.  Be sure to take a tour of the back room to view the Hemingway memorabilia.

Ernest Hemingway was a favorite patron to famous Ritz Hotel in Paris.  The hotel is unique to writers and still offers those of literary life some luxury and conveniences to allow their creative craft to flow.   The Bar Hemingway carries the author’s legend in its name, its original appearances, and in the single malt whiskey’s he deeply appreciated.  Nearly twenty-five original photographs inspired by the author take residence on the walls.  However, it also houses the real secret of the Bloody Mary.   Ask looming questions to the bartenders now, and you will get a piece of history worth waiting for with your cocktail.

Ernest Hemingway’s other favorite area of the tropics was Cuba, despite the destitute created by Castro in previous decades.  El Floridita in Havana offers sophistication and splendor to its patrons.  Hemingway spend countless hours at the bar, giving shape to many of the recipes in the famous Daiquiri or Papa’s Drink that many come to enjoy to today while drafting For Whom The Bell Tolls. Hemingway remained a forever friend to the bar and to Cuba.   Drinking to his legacy here means that you will be a longtime friend too.

– Janiece Rejba

Janiece Rejba

Janiece Rejba

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