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Rolando Santana

Rolando Santana

rolando santana Autumn Winter 2012 Runway Show from Rolando Santana on Vimeo.

VODA: For your spring 2011 line you drew your inspiration from the Mexican architecture of Luis Barragán, for 2012 the colors and textures were inspired by Florence. How does the inspiration hit? Do you travel and something grabs you or is it something more passive like when you’re at home and it the idea just comes to you? Inspiration can hit anywhere not necessarily while traveling but sometime it is just a concept.

RS: I might even be in another season but I will make notes in my sketch pad or save an image that come back to later on. I love Barragan’s work and I waned to do a collection where I would interpret architectural detail into my collection. For spring 12 I actually traveled to Italy several time and -again- on one of my trips I decided to design a collection about Florence in particular.

VODA: (follow-up) anything on the radar for you that might inspire your next line?

RS: I am feeling the 70’s in NYC fun, shine, glamour, care free fashion.

VODA: What seems to remain consistent is your celebration of the “Classic” woman. Could you please elaborate on what that means?

RS: Women love to experiment with new styles and trends but I feel that my collection always offers a classic aspect that they come back for season after season. Although I try to innovate while creating new collections, there are elements that remain pure, sophisticated and classic.

Santana_FW2012_Photo by Eka Halim-36

VODA: Is this a trend or do you consider this what defines you?

RS: No, I feel that trends come and go very fast. I think women who have style, define what my collection is all about, they make it special, alive.

VODA: How did your collaboration with Manolo Blahnik come about? Do you see any future collaborations in the future with other designers?

RS: We approached MB about a possible collaboration and when they saw my work, they felt it was a beautiful collection that had a clear point of view. It was a great compliment to be put at the same level as MB, a true institutional name in fashion.

Santana_FW2012_Photo by Eka Halim-16

VODA: Since childhood, fashion has been your life. Your growing success has come from years of hard work, dedication, and natural talent. Building your brand must require very long hours that only a passion for what you do can facilitate. But when you need to take a break and unwind, what do you do?…What would a “Day off with Rolando” be like?

RS: There is never a day off in this business, if I have the luxury of having a day off (typically a Sunday) I sleep, there is no better luxury than sleeping. I love to be in the comfort of my own home and disconnect from the world. I love to take little one day trips, get in the car and drive, it is in a way a peaceful way to recharge. For the rest of the days, I spend at my studio.

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