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The Devil’s Cut

May Day!  Jim Beam gets devilishly good in just two months.  Jim Beam Devil’s Cut will be introduced and it is unlike anything else…literally.  The masters at Beam have unequivocally coined an extraction process for the liquid bourbon that gets trapped in the wood.  The excess that is bottled is what creates the  Devil’s Cut.

devils_cut_bottle_shot-e1301357128437The recovered sprit intertwined with the regular bourbon reaches a 90 proof strength (45 percent alcohol by volume) to result in a dark whiskey with profound woodiness.  Master distiller, Fred Noe of Jim Beam denotes that when a cask is filled with new-spirit; nearly two gallons of it seeps directly into the burrows of its charred oak staves.  The liquid, until now, was lost in its aging process.  Hence, the amount of whiskey to enjoy increases and Jim Beam also eliminates waste and seizes onto their own barrels.  The process is a secret, however it is said to involve, water, agitation and heat.

The recaptured spirit must be mixed with the standard Jim Beam bourbon aged at least six years and the base.  Otherwise, there would not be enough to market on even a small market scale.   However, the new additive enhances the whiskey to a softer, sweeter and fruitier flavor.

The wait for the introduction is much anticipated.  Releasing sooner simply is not possible since Beam is ramping up the innovative process.  It is hoped that this trend will continue to other already enjoyed Jim Beam products.

What is to be expected in the flavor?  Very full-flavored that does not deter from its origin or color by being smooth, fruity, and soft.  It will be approachable and employ a confident taste.  If you are not a bourbon drinker, this might change your mind.  It is intended to expand its already vast market share because of the flavor potential that it promises.

-Janiece Rejba


Janiece Rejba

Janiece Rejba

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