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The Chillex

Dear Cocktailians,

Hello again,

First I would love to thank to everybody for their feedback on the first one, great advice, I will try to follow. Tuli is a good friend, but very up tight, I decided to make her a cocktail to ease the pressure… The “Chillex

This is a functional cocktail, supposing to have relaxing effects,
Using homemade syrups from medical herbs, the lavender and lemon peel garnish and the bright green color (that studies prove to have calming effects) and of course the botanicals from the spirits all contribute to the cocktail for justifying its name.
This cocktail have some open options in it, everybody is different and have their own way to Chillex.

The Chillex

The Chillex

For the “Chillex” you will need:
*lemon verbena
*lemon balm
*Gin Hendrick’s
*Gin Tanqueray Rangpur
*Gin Beefeater 24
*green Chartreuse
*S. Pellegrino/ mineral water
*white sugar
* For garnish: lemon and lavender sprigs

The how to:

Make the “Chillex” syrups:
Making syrups from herbals is very simple and basically it’s like making simple syrup from tea,
If you can get a hold on the fresh herbs- use them
If not- high quality dried ones will be fine,
We make the first syrup from the chamomile, and the second one from the other green herbals (you can combine them into one syrup, but the combinations creates a brownish color to the syrup, affecting the color of the final cocktail)

Chamomile syrup– in a nonreactive container put 8.5 Oz of boiling water with 1 Oz of chamomile flowers, let sit for 15 minutes, don’t stir, and fine strain, check how much Chamomile infused water you got left and add the same amount of sugar (you can use scales or measuring cups) , stir until dissolved, let cool and bottle.

For the other herbals, mix them in equal amounts and use the same technique you used for the chamomile syrup with the new herbal mixture.

Cocktail Making:
Using a tunnel knife, make a lemon swirl, twist it around the bar spoon.
Clap gently 4-5 mint leaves and put in a glass of your choice
In a mixing glass put :

1.5 Oz Hendrick’s Gin
0.25 Oz Tanqueray Rangpur
0.25 Oz beefeater 24
Syrups to taste ( I add 0.5 Oz from the chamomile and 0.25 Oz from the other herbals- creating a sweet cocktail I enjoy diluting with S. Pellegrino )
And 2 spoons of green chartreuse
Add just a few lemon drops to help combining all the flavors
Add ice and stir until cold
Strain to the glass with the mint leaves over 2-3 ice cubes
Dilute to taste with S. Pellegrino or mineral water
Quick stir
Garnish with the lemon swirl and lavender sprig.

In general we have more than 140 botanical in this cocktail.

So make the syrups in advance, and keep them in the fridge, after a hard day, make yourself a Chillex, push play, and ease on the couch



With this one,the two weeks until our next cocktail will fly by,

Le’Chaim ,
At your service