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The Champagne that goes ‘POP’ Art

A beautiful blend of Technology, Tradition, and Art at Dom Perignon

QR It’s a matix barcode that can be found in magazine ads, product packaging,  business cards, even the sides of busses. These little squares hold information like much like your standard barcode only QR can take it much further, not only can you display snippets of information, you could also connect to networks or even link to websites.

You don’t really see QR  that much in the US but in Japan it’s HUGE.  So much so Dom Perignon along with SET Japan created a limited edition packaging of their 2002 vintage blazoned with a QR coded label. Those with the means to scan the label mostly done on camera phones with QR software would be taken to a website for additional content like the video clip below:


Xan Garcia

Xan Garcia

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