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Object of Desire: The Nambé Twist Cocktail Shaker

More an object of modern art than a cocktail shaker.

Nambé Twist Cocktail Shaker

Object of Desire: Nambé_Twist_Cocktail_Shaker

May not be the most practical shaker for the career bartender but it is undeniably beautiful.  If you order it from the Nambe website, you can even get it personalized.

Here’s a little more about it from Nambé:

Guests and would-be bartenders won’t be able to keep their hands off this fantastic, modern cocktail shaker. Like many other Fred Bould creations in the Twist family, the shaker takes it design cues from the spiraling facets of a helix, twisting upward to a spectacular bullet point of a top. The deeply sculpted sides afford good grasping for either stirring or shaking. And because the shaker is made of thermal-retentive Nambé metal, it can be freezer-chilled before mixing, transferring the cold to your favorite concoction without adding unnecessary ice. Rubber rings in both the lid and removable strainer help provide a tight press fit. Made of brightly polished Nambé metal, the 10-inch shaker holds 14 ounces, ready to pour into the equally striking Twist Martini Glasses.

  • 10-inch height; 14-ounce capacity
  • 2006 Platinum Award for Design Excellence

Approx. $145  Available at Nambé and other fine retailers

Xan Garcia

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