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Object of Desire: Louis XIII Rare Cask

“Perfection Beyond Prediction” we cannot agree more

Rare Cask is work of genius, produced by cellar master Pierrette Trichet, the first and only female cellar master to date at a major cognac house.

Sitting quietly for over a century in Limousin oak barrels; that time is spent creating something that goes beyond the imagination.  As those fortunate few will tell you, when you close your eyes and lean in, the scent of wild mushrooms waft up; a prelude to the first sip which envelops the palette in a warm richness which defies accurate description.  Some notes that many would agree upon are that of gingerbread, nuts, and mint.  It’s warmth is that of Autumn.

Rare Cask is bottled in the Baccarat Crystal decanter we all recognize though for this rare and special breed, it was done in black crystal making it a gorgeous site to behold.

Before you rush out to pick one up there are a few things to take note of…

First, these casks of cognac yielded only 789 bottles.  Of those bottles, only 30 are up for sale in the US.  Chances of picking up a bottle are slim if possible at all.

Second, rarity and unparalleled quality does come at a price, if by chance you happen to come across a bottle, expect to pay at least $15,000.   All is not lost however, of the bottles sent to the U.S., many were picked up by bars across the country.  Rick’s Cabaret in New York City,  for example,  has two bottles.  I wouldn’t doubt some had made their way to Miami or Las Vegas.   So if you act quickly and track down an establishment that owns a bottle before they are gone, (you aren’t the only one looking by the way) and are willing to drop at lease a grand for a shot (don’t expect anything less), you could be part of that small exclusive club of cognac connoisseurs that has experienced something that is without equal.  So what are you waiting for?….Go!

For inquiries, contact Remi Brabant, Louis XIII Brand Ambassador, 212.399.4200.




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