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Keep Striding with Johnnie



Among the best and most well-known in scotch blends come from Johnnie Walker.  For almost two centuries of progress with astounding vision and creativity, the scotch has evolved into flavors just waiting to taste and endure.  Its purity is unlike any other scotch.

JWJohn Walker made a name for himself as businessman early in 1825 by selling just about anything, but especially whiskey at his grocery store in Kilmarnock, Ayershire, Scotland.  His son, Alexander, born in 1837 was the man to carry the Walker legend that registered the Johnnie Walker name and won the world over as early as 1877.  The next generation of Walkers took the empire in 1889 after Alexander Walker passed away.  Alexander II and George were perfect to take the legacy into what it is today starting with the whiskey trios of three main brands; Old Highland Whiskey, Special Old Highland and Extra Special Old Highland.  Each was renamed in 1909, however by how their customers differentiated the types.  The color-coded labels identified the brand and representation of the aging process.  Johnnie Walker Red, and Johnnie Walker Black were born to stay.




The trademark of “Born in 1820” remains and so does the “striding man” which signifies strength and forward thinking to the future.

Every label has a story.


1920 was the golden year to celebrate, and birth of Johnnie Walker Gold was created to withstand the test of time.

Johnnie Walker Red is vibrant and transitional to make it perfect for mixing without losing its luster.

Johnnie Walker Black is smooth and rich that signifies master craftsmanship and intensity with over forty blended whiskeys.

For a fresh appeal, Johnnie Walker Green offers distinctive flavor with blends of single-malt whiskeys that livens the palette with a hint of honey.

The ultimate in exclusivity is Johnnie Walker Blue which is a blend of some of the rarest malts and premium grains that are at peak maturity after aging.  The award winner for its taste and vibrant smoothness is rare, yet essential to taste even just once.


JW_swingFor a twist on an old favorite, seek Johnnie Walker Swing.  It is supplied in an exclusive bottle that allows it to rock from side to side.  With a blend of high proportions Speyside malts (distinctive single malts from northeastern Scotland near the River Spey) with other complemented malts from other areas, it is almost as sweet as bourbon.  Plus, it was Alexander II last creation.

The secrets to Johnnie Walker’s legendary tastes and textures are kept tight.  However; they do favor a traditional copper pot distillation over any other method.   Johnnie Walker keeps the integrity of its longstanding tasteful creations makes the brand.  The well-kept enigma to its impeccable taste is what makes Johnnie Walker unique as a brand and its character.  When you stride with Johnnie, the unmistakable flavor of Johnnie will live on with you.


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