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Johnnie Walker – A change in the lineup

Diageo is shaking things up a bit with changes to the all familiar lineup of  Johnnie Walker labels.

Depending on where you live,  you may be introduced to a new label or see one take a walk.


Johnnie Walker Gold Label ReserveGold Label Reserve – Available in Asia, will be available everywhere this summer









Johnnie Walker PlatinumPlatinum Label 18 year old – Previously you pretty much could only find this in certain duty free shops, will also be available in all markets this summer.







Johnnie Walker Gold Label 18Gold Label 18 year old– This one’s going away… everywhere.  If you’re in the US,  you’ll have another 12 months to pick up a bottle before it’s gone.








Green Label – Also riding off into the sunset.  Removed in all markets but will remain in the US for another 12 months.  I liked Green Label but I guess it didn’t catch on enough here.  Like Danny Partridge, an important member of the ensemble  but because its uniqueness, didn’t quite fit in with the rest.  Green Label will however remain in Taiwan.  The Taiwanese love their Green Label and, I presume, red-headed drummers.





If you are a fan or collector of  Scotch, best to stock up before some of these become very difficult or impossible to find.  Curious to see how Platinum fares against the labels.  We’ll know soon enough.

For more information, check out just-drinks.com

Xan Garcia

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