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Jack Daniels

Joyfully Jack

One name stands the test of time as a true legacy to the state of Tennessee. Jack Daniels. It is among the best selling whiskeys and is exceptionally branded with its black label and trademark motto of Old No. 7. Its flavor and caliber is incomparable. Jasper Newton, aka “Jack” Daniel founded the distillery in 1847 in Lynchburg, Tennessee. No one really knows how old Jack really was since his birth records were destroyed in a fire. He may have been the youngest distiller in history. His longstanding ideals and purity of the craft still lives on today.

After his untimely death in 1911 from blood poisoning, his nephew Lem Motlow took over the distillery after learning the trade. Once prohibition started in Tennessee, Lem moved the distillery to St. Louis, then Birmingham and eventually back to its original grounds. It was an eight year span of distilling gaps. Ironically, the distillery is in Moore County-a dry one, and the whiskey has never been considered a type of bourbon. Lem incorporated Jack Daniel Distillery in 1947, directly after a brief ban of whiskey manufacturing imposed by the government after World War II. The legend continues in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Although the sale of liquor is prohibited in the county, there are special purchase circumstances within the distillery itself.

The trademark label and bottle is unlike anything else. What is “Old No. 7?” It is uncertain to this day. Many think it stands for “lucky number seven,” or the whiskey enjoyed today is Jack’s seventh recipe. When Lem Motlow incorporated; the clause for advertising included his name to be on everything, especially the label. The left side label contains a brief history and notation about its craft. The right side mentions the gold medal winnings and description about the taste.

Along with the original sour whiskey, comes a family of brands that makes Jack Daniels even more famous. Regardless of which brand you choose to enjoy, the intense maturation process remains the same. Jack Daniels is unique in using charcoal mellowing with sugar maple. Once inside the hand-crafted barrels made of pure white oak, the rich color, character and taste comes to fruition. The Single Barrel is different in where it is housed. It is placed to endure more intense fluctuation within the barrel to create a very rich, yet robust whiskey. The Gentleman Jack is a rarity among whiskeys. It is refined in its body and flavor because it gets charcoal mellowing twice which produces a rich whiskey with a hint of spice. The newest additions to the Jack Daniels family in recent years are the ready-to-savor country cocktails. Each unique blend is a refreshing twist to enjoying Jack Daniels.

Jack Daniels is one of the few distilleries where you can buy your whiskey by the barrel. Be prepared to pay a pretty penny for it. Jack Daniels will ship it to a local retailer for you. You receive a personalized medallion and special bronze label, the actual barrel the whiskey was made in with a brass plaque and an authentic certificate of ownership. In honor of Jack’s 160th birthday (or so it is claimed) you can register a commemorative bottle.

The stories, the skill, and the flavor of Jack Daniel’s legacy continue. The oldest distillery and national historic landmark offers everyone something pure. With every bottle you open; you get your own piece of history.

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