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Italfama Goblet Chess Set

Chess has always been somewhat of an intellectual endeavor.  Add cordials into the mix and you add a new dimension of strategy and fun to this often considered highbrow and reserved game.   Ahh, the games people play.

It seems you can turn anything into a drinking game…even chess.  This however isn’t like the plastic shot glass checkers set you see in many novelty shops.  This goblet chess set from Italfama  is crafted from brass and pewter in exquisite detail, giving the game the respect it deserves.  The stem is the chess piece, Italian renaissance characters.  The glass has a rounded bottom and rises up and slightly bows in the center like a miniature hurricane glass.  The brass and pewter give the pieces weight an in person is stunning.

The game of chess itself is a challenge but imagine having to take a shot with every captured piece, it can really level the playing field if the World Chess Grand Master you are playing against is a real lightweight.

At $750 a set, you probably will not find this in any fraternity houses; but if you have the means and love the game, this would be a beautiful and fun addition to any collection.

The set is available at I Medici Firenze online and in Chicago at Water Tower Place and Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois.  These stores feature high-end chess sets and fine leather goods from Florence, Italy admittedly an odd mix but it works and is definitely worth checking out.

Xan Garcia

Xan Garcia

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