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House Special: Aphrodite at Metropolis


On a quiet Thursday evening at the Metropolis Bar & Grill in Hoffman Estates I met Aphrodite.   It was love at first sip.



Absolut Vanilla Vodka

Midori Melon Liquor

Strawberry Liquor

The Metropolis Bar & Grill Opened December 2010 in Hoffman Estates just west of the corner of Barrington Rd and Rt. 72.   It’s really a pleasant place to get a grab a drink or a bite to eat.  It not a huge bar but it doesn’t have to be. It’s definitely a sports bar… there are screens everywhere, even the booths.  What it didn’t have however were sports paraphernalia littering the walls; it looks more like a pub.   There wasn’t a big game the night I stopped in so it was relatively quite.  I saddled up to the bar and asked for a menu.

The menu is mostly burgers and pizza.  Local reviews are hit or miss as with most new restaurants.  I can only speak for myself and I had no complaints.  Their beer nuggets (buttery nuggets of fried dough with marinara dipping sauce) are the best I’ve ever tasted.  A couple cute blonde bartenders kept things moving along mixing drinks but never too busy to chat.  Everyone was friendly and down-to-earth.  I found this place relaxing and without any pretentiousness.

Their drink menu consisted of 8 Martinis and 6 Margaritas.  I went with the Aphrodite.  For a drink that was essentially all liquor, it was light, slightly sweet and fruity.  I’d definitely group this one in with those deceptively potent drinks; the ones that don’t taste all that strong and go down all too easy…we’ve all been there, done that.

On the whole it was a worthwhile trip.  Good food, great cocktails, relaxed atmosphere.  I would peg it as  a good neighborhood bar.   Of course history will decide.  In the mean time I plan to return and sample the rest of their cocktail menu.  If the rest are as good as the Aphrodite, I just may have a local favorite too.

Xan Garcia

Xan Garcia

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