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Hennessy Luxury X Two: XO Odyssey and VSOP Helios

Behold the most distinctive Hennessy cognacs ever: The Hennessy Odyssey XO and the VSOP Helios.  Both are inspired with the ultimate in luxury tastes and intrigue.  Instead of starting the year with another rendition of the XO, Hennessy morphed to go beyond for more of the best.


The Hennessy Odyssey XO is unveiled as a most limited edition cognac to celebrate a new year like never before.  Like its original counterparts, the Odyssey XO holds the same characters, but has eclectic designer bottle the renowned Arik Levy and his rock formations inspiration.  Since 2007, Hennessy has introduced a limited XO, or Extra Aged cognac to its lineup to reward new beginnings.  While true to its XO name, this edition is created of aged 10 year blends with hints of vanilla, cinnamon and fruit.  Combined with the delicate maturation process, this cognac enlightens to full-bodied richness.  It is aged intensively for the complexity to endure.


Extending into the Hennessey family of magnificence is the VSOP Helios.  Another limited edition that stems from Greek god references with a reflecting pink bottle mimicking a star.  The VSOP Helios is the first of the VSOP collection inspired to deliver prestige richness with an alignment of vanilla and cinnamon with some delicate toasts to dash up the spiciness.


Both are limited and available in mid-January.  Double your pleasure this year with some extra lavishness with these two specialty cognacs.

Janiece Rejba

Janiece Rejba

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