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Happy Hour : The Living Room Bar at the W Hotel – City Center

Adams street, a main street where you can witness the daily migration of thousands of office workers rushing to and from the train station. Along this route you can find a few places to catch a drink after the workday is done. One such place is the Living Room Bar at the W Hotel.

Sounds like a posh club but this dimly lit off lobby bar really caters primarily to its hotel clientele. I used to pop in from time to time because they had this Acai Berry Vodka and Lemonade that tasted almost too good to be legal. It had been while so I decided to return and see what’s new. Unfortunately the cocktail menu had changed and my drink of choice was now only a memory, sad but totally expected. The bar itself, sparse, accommodating no more than eight people along the entire length and width of the black granite top. The lounge are in front is not much bigger. The place is so dark you cant really tell how tiny this space really is. Their cocktail list is also tiny but it is inspired…and that’s what matters. I wasn’t there to linger just to have a decent drink and escape the migrating herd of suits rushing to Union Station.

The Cocktail program is put together by resident mixologist Josh King. One drink however was highlighted on the menu, the winning recipe of an in-house cocktail contest, the winner being a server named Tonya Williams. Gotta stick with a winner I thought to myself so I asked the bartender to make me a Truman.



The Truman
created by Tonya Williams

  • Grey Goose La Poire vodka
  • St. Germain Elderflower Liquor
  • Lavender Lemonade
  • Prosecco

It’s as you would expect. Floral and light. Not too sweet. Very pleasant actually, would definitely revisit again. Kudos to Tonya.

Xan Garcia

Xan Garcia

Founder and senior editor of VODA. Cocktailian, Journalist, Traveler, and the next Robin Leach.

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