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Exclusiv Moscato Rose Spumos…because everyone deserves a little luxury in their life.

Exclusiv Rose Moscat like the vodka, is of a high quality that you would expect from a top shelf brand like Exclusiv but is set at a price point that makes it accessible to everyone.

What is it about Moldova that whatever they put in a bottle is incredible. I understood the Republic of Moldova has a long tradition of distillation and is a country capable of some amazing vodkas but their real forte is wine.

So much so that Moldova is widely considered to be among the top wine producers in the world… if not by volume then definitely by taste. I admittedly am not a sommelier but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what I like…and for me, this sparling red is something special.

Like Exclusiv vodkas, it’s presentation was not to be dismissed. Sure it’s a around a $10 bottle but you wouldn’t know by looking at it. Traditional bottle with a cork… real cork, not plastic or screw cap.
Its gold foil and lable is beautiful but the real star is the pale pink Rose that awaits within the clear glass bottle.

Like any sparkling wine, proper care should be taken when popping the cork…personally I throw caution to the wind and let it fly with a resounding “POP”, that is after all the sound of celebration.
In the flute it’s gorgeous with its tiny bubbles rising to the top like a tiny string of pearls…a sign of quality through proper fermentation.

Ok, so you’re wondering how does it taste. Moscato is sweeter than most wines and often regarded as a desert wine. Exclusiv Moscato Rose Spumos is delightfully light and slightly sweet.
I’ve heard it described as tasting like fruits, raisins, and citrus. In addition to that I felt it had a slight berry taste. It didn’t weight heavy on the tongue nor did the taste linger long after swallowing.

Not overly complex, it didn’t ask much nor demanded much contemplation…just light, delicious and fun. If a burgundy is like a marriage, Exclusiv Moscato Rose Spumos is, for me, a summer fling.

I try not to get too hung up on classifying and categorizing the complexities of wine because in the end it comes down to taste and bottom line is it tastes really good.



Xan Garcia

Xan Garcia

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