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Destination: Appleton Estate

Escape to EstateRum


Never doubt whether to take to the estate when in the tropical sensation of Jamaica.  The Caribbean islands are known for their masterfully blended rich rums.  Jamaica is no exception with its exquisite Appleton Estate Reserve.


The rare mixture of twenty different aged rums gives Appleton Estate Reserve is distinctive character and lusciousness for an on-the-rocks perfection or to create a cocktail intrigue.   Appleton Estate is nurtured deep in Nassau Valley where watered is filtered naturally as it percolates through scenic limestone hills.  The Nassau Valley is idyllic, especially for growing unmistakably pure and natural cane sugar.  The sugar is critical to Appleton Estate’s unique flavor.  The sugar cane grown on the estate is harvested individually and then distilled to give it a buttery texture and a full-bodied fruitfulness.   The fermentation process using sugar cane and molasses combined with the soft natural water in the unique copper pot for the distillation is a slow and expensive method, but worth the effort o create the unsurpassed flavor.


appleton-joyspenceBlending at Jamaica’s Appleton Estates is an art in itself.  Each particular rum is selected to be hand blended to create various offerings to indulge even the most finicky palette.  It is tasted and re-tasted numerous times before bottling by Master Blender, Joy Spence.  She is the first woman in the industry to hold the position of Master Blender, thanks to her dedication to chemistry and science to help her achieve the critical standards necessary for any spirit.  Minimum aging is not synonymous in the industry, especially in rums.  Appleton Estate has age elements to reflect its high standards in twelve, twenty-one, and thirty-year-old statements; each of which create the rich colors and complexity of flavors.  However, under Jamaican laws, each of the rums that enter a bottle must have been aged in oak barrels for at least the number of years stated on the label.   Appleton Estate is made from natural resources; therefore, the company is fully committed to preserving the environment in which they rely upon for their exceptional product.  In recent years, Appleton Estates has made investments in their plant operations to ensure green sustainability.   Most recently, Appleton Estates transitioned into “Green Cane Harvesting” which eliminates any burning of sugar cane fields to protect the product and the air.


Appleton Estate has several distinct products in its family of brands.  The V/X and Reserve are the most popular.  The extensive aged bottles of the 12, 21, and 30 are the others and most complex.  The V/X is full-bodied with a rich golden color blended with fifteen flavors-perfect for cocktails.  The Reserve is most enjoyed on the rocks or to enhance your favorite cocktail.  It is blended with twenty estate-produced rums all selected by the Master Blender and distilled in unique copper pot stills, then aged in handcrafted barrels.  The 12 Year is a masterpiece of various rum blends and aged at a minimum of twelve years before bottling.  The lengthy process in special oak casts creates  a rich sipping rum equally comparable to some of the finest cognacs.  It is an exceptional after-dinner liquor that can stand up to a splash of water.  To enjoy the ranks beyond the 12 Year, steer toward the 21 Year blend.  It is uniquely blended in the same manner as the twelve, but the extra intense aging transforms the flavor to some spice and wood distinction.  It is a sipping rum designed for the connoisseurs of rum excellence.


appleton30A true masterpiece of handcrafted rum is the limited edition 30 year, crafted exclusively by Master Blender, Joy Spence. It is complex with orange peel, baked pear and dashed with ginger and vanilla to give the thirty-year old aged rum an unsurpassed taste and smoothness.  It is the ultimate in luxury for rum lovers.

It is obvious, that Appleton Estates remains true to its motto: “The Rum that Needs Nothing.”  This is the one rum that has intensity, character, richness and flavorful blends.  There is always enjoyment in the scenic beauty of Jamaica.  With Appleton Estates; you can drink its luscious purity too.  It is the source of Jamaica’s exquisite tastes.

– Janiece Rejba

for more information go to http://www.appletonestate.com/



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