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To Cork or not to Cork?

The debate continues as to whether wine corks or screw tops are better.  It really depends on your personal preferences.   Is it taste that you are after?  Do you value tradition?  Perhaps you are a savvy environmentalist?

Screwing off a cap on a bottle of wine is unconventional and not very classy, especially for those in the restaurant industry that must perform wine service.   Traditionalists will most likely demand the cork and make opening like its own event.

Screw tops are much more convenient though, especially when traveling.  Carrying a corkscrew is more or less impractical and assimilates weaponry.  Screw tops are cheap, but many believe that they also “cheapen” the wine.  However, do not be fooled when quality comes into question.   Corks have been studied and proven that over time; they can taint.  A series in which occurs in one out of every ten bottles.   The tainting does not necessarily impose health hazards, but affect the taste, color and consistency of wine.   Spain is loyal to the cork.  The country passed a law that requires wineries to only use corks, and not just any cork-the natural cork.


Natural wine corks have been the sealing method for hundreds of years and made of renewable resources, plus they are readily biodegradable.  The downside is that after recorking, too much air traps into the tiny cork crevasses affecting the taste or bacteria develops.  It is suggested that if you recork a bottle, finish it as quickly as possible.  If you are one that looks to age a good Cabernet Sauvignon, for instance, the natural cork is recommended.  Corks are most frustrating when they are difficult to remove or break into the bottle.


The latest development in wine corking is using a plastic or synthetic cork.  They have the same shape and are recyclable.  Plastics can still be removed with a corkscrew.  It is believed that they are environmentally friendly, but only when recycled.   Although plastics have more elasticity than natural corks, they are not suitable for aging wines over decades.

It is true that screw tops have no adverse affect on the wines flavor versus the cork.  Both will seal exceptionally well.  Times have changed in the wine industry; it is up to you to decide.

Janiece Rejba

Janiece Rejba

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