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Celebrity Liquor



conjure1We’ve all seen celebrities endorse everything from diet programs to sneakers, but sometimes a celebrity is excited enough about something to actually become an owner. This has become the case for a number of alcoholic beverages in recent years.

One prime example is a new cognac called Conjure that was introduced in 2009, which is owned by Christopher Bridges (aka Ludacris) in collaboration with Birkedal Hartmann which is based in France. This cognac is produced from the ugni blanc grape. Ludacris was involved in the making of Conjure after personally taking on the arduous task of tasting over 40 brandies so he could be sure the end product was up to his standards.  Sounds like a fun task to me.


crystal_skull1Brandy is not the only liquor that has drawn the attention of a celebrity. Vodka is also of interest and Dan Aykroyd’s  Crystal Skull Vodka is drawing lots of attention; in fact, it is a top selling celebrity liquor in Canada. Part of its popularity comes from the unique skull bottle that the vodka comes in. However, don’t mistake this for a gimmicky product. This vodka begins with glacial aquifer water from Newfoundland and is filtered through charcoal three times and then filtered with Herkimer diamonds.  You may not find a diamond in your bottle, but its unique flavor will certainly make you feel rich.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind malt whisky, you may be in luck – eventually. Film director, Guy Ritchie, is working on developing what has been dubbed, “the most expensive version” of whisky ever to be produced.   His quest began in 2008 in London where he was reported to have spent about 2 million pounds at the Punch Bowl pub sampling whiskies. Flash forward two years and we’re still waiting, but then, doesn’t perfection take time?







One last one to mention is Tres Rios, a tequila co-owned by Motley Crue singer Vince Neil.   Becoming involved in producing fine tequila was a natural event with his Mexican heritage. He was inspired by the crossroads of three rivers, hence the name for the tequila. It is made from 100% authentic Agave.

A celebrity might endorse a product if the pay was right, but they aren’t going to own it and have their name on it unless it meets their standards.  So, whether your poison is cognac, vodka, whisky or tequila – or perhaps something else – you can’t go wrong holding your own tasting and including some offerings by celebrities.

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