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Absolut Double Elyx

Absolut takes a turn for the double-flavor and natural…with its Elyx.  For the last decade the masters at Absolut have worked to create a soft blend with naturally filtered water.  The result is a clean fresh taste with subtle fruity tones without sacrificing its texture.

Absolut Elyx

Elyx is designed to be of silky smooth elegance at first taste.  Absolut often gets labeled as being the “harsh” vodka-not necessarily true.  It’s contemporary…pure and simple.   The Elyx gets the classic touch, however, with the 1929 method of rectification. Refined copper catalyzation coupled with finest wheat and water.  The result is extra smoothness and delightful flavor because the intense heat packing from the process.

Is the Elyx the start of Absolut deviating from its norm for the rest of the brand?  Not exactly.  They are taking different artisan approaches more than ever though.  Elyx is joining the revolution of luxury and more is to come.Since this version is so smooth, it creates the perfect vodka tonic or celery martini.

Don’t be fooled by the bottle shape.  Elyx mimics a cubed medicine bottle from the twenties.  It’s nothing “square” at all.  Where to find this super premium?  Kind of hard to come by in the states still, but it’s a rolling success overseas.  Believe me…it’ll be worth the wait.




For more information about Absolute Elyx, please check out here

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