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A Good Idea: iBottleOpener

This is genius through simplicity.



There’s been a time in everyone’s life when they needed a bottle opener and didn’t have one.  Whether you are at the beach with a cooler of imported beer or you run into the gas station to impulsive buy that glass bottle of pepsi “Hecho en Mexico” because they use real sugar so it’s yummy;  if  you don’t have an opener handy, life can leave you a little thirsty and glum.

The guys at  Lightbulb Moments recognized the need and created a bottle opener iPhone case.  If you have an iPhone, chances are it never leaves your side.

Granted this is mostly for the beer aficionado however it’s appeal lies in cleverness.  You can see how such a thing makes sense and wonder why it hasn’t been done before.

If you have ever cut your finger mistaking the bottle for a twist-off, chipped the edge of  your coffee table or even worse, your teeth, trying to get a bottle open, you can appreciate how useful this can be.

You can order it online from iBottleopener These cases are $19.95 and fit the 3G and 3Gs, the iPhone 4 cases are due out soon.

Xan Garcia

Xan Garcia

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