VODA started as an upscale cocktail culture magazine focusing on top shelf liquor and high end libations.  Over the years our search of the best have given us an appreciation for, an access to, a luxury lifestyle that is every bit compelling as the drinks we chase.

Do we still write for the cocktail crowd?  Yes, that’s our foundation but now our audience has expanded to include.

The Au Courant:  Whether it is style, culture, or fashion, the Au Courant will tell you what’s new and what’s hot.

The Gourmand:  Our foodies – guides to the best meals in town.

The Jet Setter: For those who realize a world is big beautiful place and not all the best parties will be at home.  Where to go, how to get there, where to stay?  The Jet Setter will tell you.

The Lush: Our beloved cocktailians for which inspired the magazine in the first place.  We raise our glass to you.

The Scholar:  The Academics and intellectuals with a fondness for art, culture, or a good book.  You need a scholar in your crew, Smart is sexy.

The print issues take you to a new city and showcasing the best that city has to offer.  Culture, food, drinks, and style, these locations will have you at the cross-roads of classic cocktail culture and modern luxury.

Whether you are a boardroom power player, a style maven, club hopping socialite, or highbrow connoisseur of the finer things in life, what unites our readers is our passion for affluence, a good time, and a great cocktail.

Xan Garcia

Xan Garcia

Founder and senior editor of VODA. Cocktailian, Journalist, Traveler, and the next Robin Leach.

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