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Destination: Ibiza

When planning a vacation in Spain’s Mediterranean island of Ibiza; expect sun, sand, scenic beauty, and unsurpassed nightlife.  Often called the White Island, Ibiza is the most gorgeous of the four Balearic Islands.  However, its beauty is overshadowed by being the party destination of the world.  No other location compares to the unique clubs and sensational music than Ibiza.

Summertime means DJs and dance.  In between touring, world-class DJs use Ibiza to introduce new tracks within house, trance and techno in conjunction with the legendary clubs as hosts.  Electronic legend, Paul Oakenfold, and the most recent sensation, Deadmau5 frequent Ibiza.  DJs create tracks in salute to summertime in Ibiza too.

Club Amnesia

Club Amnesia

In 2005, the live music event Ibiza Rocks helped the island landscape to become redefined in more alternative bands too, like Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian.   People unaware of the electronic genre usually leave with a new-found love for the sounds.  Well-known nightclubs such as; Privilege, ES Paradise, Space, Underground and DC10 host DJ and band performances.  The club season opens at the start of June.  Space and DC10 host the opening and closing parties in October.  Expect to dance until the sun rises when clubbing in Ibiza.  Most clubs are open until 6 AM.  Be prepared to pay a fairly high cover charge plus drinks.  Privilege is the largest of the top nightclubs with capacity near ten-thousand guests.  The nightclubs offer different themed attractions nightly and are well promoted throughout the island.

Ibiza is home to popular music bars of equal importance to the club scene.  Many pre-party in a relaxed atmosphere before heading to the clubs.  Café del Mar, Sirocco, Nassau and Sands are just a few of the favorite bars.  The West End (also known as Bar Street) is home to some of the best.  As for cocktails, a sex on the beach is quite popular among tourists.  To get a full taste, try an Ibiza cocktail; it contains rum, gin, tequila, vodka with sprite and lime juice and cherry brandy to float on top.   Bartenders of local bars and restaurants are known to mixing new tasty concoctions with the freshest ingredients.

Ibiza has some of the most magnificent beaches.  When taking a party break, the North end of the island offers gorgeous crystal blue waters and sleek shorelines.  Xarraca, Rencili de S’illot or Xuclar are some of the most spectacular.  Of course, you can always enjoy your cocktail or beer of choice on the sand.

This exquisite island paradise is a party for everyone.  Enjoy a multitude of sounds and that you will take home with you.   Ibiza never disappoints for a great party.   Plan your trip sooner than later.

– Janiece Rejba



Janiece Rejba

Janiece Rejba

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