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Things you should know: Popping Champagne

Champagne has been a special drink for centuries; it becomes all the more special when the festive season is around.  A casual dinner with friends becomes a special occasion when the cork is popped. Some people find it very hard to open a champagne bottle but in reality it is not as hard as most people find it to be. Several people end up injuring their guests when they decide to open a bottle using their ludicrous methods.  There is hardly any talent required to open a bottle of champagne, having a chilled bottle is really important and instead of pulling the cork, it is always better to turn the bottle.

The Proper Method 

Step #1: Chill

Having a cool bottle of champagne is anything but good enough, it is important to have a chilled bottle. The ideal temperature at which it should be served is around 45° Fahrenheit (About 7° Celsius). Getting the temperature right is fairly easy and simple, fill your ice bucket and let the bottle sit in there for about 15-20 minutes. An alternate container can be used should the ice bucket be not available. Getting the temperature right is extremely important, champagne that is not chilled will inevitably foam and spill once it is uncorked. Making it too cold is also not advisable; the wine loses its taste when it is too cold. The wine will taste much better should you get the temperature right and this is why it is very important to get it spot on.

Step #2: Get a grip

Getting a good grip on the bottle is the next important step, get a kitchen towel and dry off the bottle to get a good grip. There are two methods when it comes to dealing with the wire cage; some loosen it while some others prefer to completely remove it. The towel used earlier will be used again so it is better not to put it off; the loosening of the wire cage surrounding the cock is done. Hold the bottle upright and drape the towel over the bottle. The towel that has been placed over the bottle will prevent the cork from popping out and even if it does pop out, it will be caught in the towel and the guests will be spared from their misery.

Step #3: Do the twist

The next part is turning the bottle of champagne and not the cork; this is where most people go wrong and the whole thing becomes a faux-pas. Support the neck of the bottle and hold the cork with your palms and fingers, your free hand should grip the fat part of the bottle and you should turn the bottle while holding on to the cork. You should hear a pop after a few seconds; this method does not make much noise that many people associate with champagne. The carbon dioxide that escapes when opening the bottle makes that pop sound. You know that you have let out a lot of gas and champagne when you hear a loud pop. The soft pop goes to show that the bubbles have been preserved in the bottle and your hard work has certainly paid off.

Extra Credit: The Sabre Method


-Apakshit S.