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The Gourmet Olive

Two Please?

I will take a vodka martini with olives.  Sound like your kind of order?  There are a numerous brands and types of olives on the market now.  However, there are some that may tempt you to ask for extra olives with that martini.   Olives are not just a garnish anymore.   Olives add flavor to the drink.  The marinating process in brine and preserving the olive’s natural texture and flavor is necessary for a great martini.

Olives are now more gourmet than ever in the green and black varieties.  Olives marinate in gin and vermouth to give them a unique flavor to enjoy with your drink.  Gourmet olives stuffed with garlic, blue cheese, onion, anchovies, jalapeno, harissa, pimento, picante, and even almonds add more of a distinctive flavor to a martini.  A fresh gourmet stuffed olive takes a simple martini to a whole new level.  After trying a dirty martini with blue cheese olives, I was sold.  I was skeptical of the taste and that the blue cheese falling out of the olive would taint my drink.  I proved myself wrong.   The blue cheese did crumble a bit, but the taste was unbelievable.   Gourmet olives are for people that appreciate and savor the flavor of olives and the extra sophistication they add to an already delicious drink.

The olive garnish is what makes a martini cocktail.  Any other garnish makes it an entirely new beverage.  Keep in mind that gourmet olives need to be at peak freshness.  Also, rinsing them is best so the natural oils do not overpower your drink.  Tasty gourmet olives can be enjoyed as a snack or appetizer too.

Maynard & Child is a popular brand of gourmet olives that can be bought on Amazon.com.   Directly imported from Spain, they are primary to Mediterranean dishes.  Maynard & Child is known for their olives’ texture, flavor and preserving to its most natural state.  Their latest additions to their olive varieties are pimento, picante, harissa and blue cheese.

Why change a good olive?  The original green with pimento will always be a staple to the martini.  A stuffed olive is an added martini treat.  They are easy to make yourself with the right recipe.  However, when shopping for jarred gourmet olives, make sure the ingredients are all natural.  Anything artificial can alter the flavor or your martini.

Next time you order up a martini of your choice, try getting a little creative with your olive.  Your drink will have more flair with a taste you will never regret.  Cheers!

-Janiece Rejba

Janiece Rejba

Janiece Rejba

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