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Rosé to Recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Glasses of rosé wine on a table with a pink pillar candle

Rosé is an unexpected, yet perfect wine to drink this season. Not only will it fare well in the sporadic warmish Indian summer days, it is pink, a color associated with October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

Commonly associated as a spring and summer season wine, Rosé is a robust alternative to white wines and because of its high-acidity quality, it compliments food very well. The acid in the wine brings out the flavor in foods and cleanses the palate between bites, and the food brings out the subtle ripe fruit in the wine.

Rosé wine does not have to be expensive to be good. Check the labels for those from Provence and more specifically from Tavel, a region within Provence, which are almost always guaranteed to be good. One of our favorite bottles is Triennes.

A bottle of Triennes wine, a rosé from Provence, France

Triennes, a Rosé from Provence, France

Rosé wine is meant to be served chilled and pairs well with light pastas and shellfish. Another rule of thumb for food and wine pairing is region of wine with region of food. So, in this instance, the Rosé pairs well with a cassoulet, a slow-cooked flavorful dish made with savory meats, white beans, and herbs indigenous to the Southern region of France.

Food and wine pairing

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is recognized internationally throughout the month of October. Fundraising events are held to support research for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cures. It is also a time where education and support is offered for those afflicted. Most recently, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus spoke out about her recent diagnosis, “1 in 8 women get breast cancer. Today, I’m the one,” she wrote on her Twitter account.

Although a seemingly atypical selection, Rosé is an excellent wine for the fall season for its food-friendly well-rounded flavors and high acidity. Enjoying Rosé is also another way to bring to light and help to support so many that are affected with breast cancer.



Nicole Carbon

Nicole Carbon

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