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Clique Vodka

The spirit of youth

Clique is one of several private label brands brought to you by the PREMIER INNOVATIONS GROUP An aggressive, young, forward-thinking spirits importing company from Pittsburgh, PA. Their marketing/promotions division (derived from a merger with Faded Industry Entertainment a few years back) stages large scale high-end live events where they connect with their core demographic, introducing the brand to the masses in pursuit of expanding their reach to a national audience.

Clique vodka could easily command a higher price point (currently priced at an unbelievable $15). They could also cater to an older demographic. The quality that comes Latvian wheat distilled in strict accordance to traditional Russian standards justifies a place on any vodka purist shelf but it’s not about that. From the beginning, the Premiere Innovations Group set out not so much to sell a great vodka (which they do) but sell a lifestyle…the energy and freedom of youth personified in a vodka.


Now a word or two about it’s origin… LATVIA

Until recent history, it seemed like everyone…and I mean everybody was taking a crack at occupying this Baltic state. Some were successful , others not, but all agreed it was a land worth fighting for.

Historians would argue that it held importance from a militaristic and economic perspective being that it borders the Baltic Sea and sits at the crossroads of trade routes to Europe, Russia, and Scandinavia. We believe however that is was all about the vodka.

Latvia is nestled between the Baltic Sea and the great Eastern European Plain, its temperate climate and fertile land provided the ideal environment for growing the grains (wheat, in the case for Clique) to make an exceptional vodka. Among the greatest or at least better known vodka producing countries in the area (Sweden, Finland, Poland, Russia) Latvia sits in the middle of it all. While all the fuss continues about Russian and Polish vodkas, Latvia quietly produces some of the finest spirits on the market today.

Alright, enough of the geography lesson, back to the vodka.

So we’ve talked at length about everything except for what’s in the bottle… so let’s get to it

The Nose:

Slight sweetness, like wheat, but subdued. Inhale deeply enough and you’ll get a bit of that medicinal aromatic that you get from any vodka.

The taste Unchilled:

Tasting it at room temp, for me, shows off the true nature of the vodka that would be suppressed by chilling it. Of course we all drink our vodka chilled but to try it warm shows where it’s coming from; its starting point… my opinion anyway.

Sweetness from wheat with just a little hint of orange rind, playful bite, warm on the palate. Clique goes down smooth with no harshness to it at all. There’s an aftertaste that dissipates quickly after swallowing.

The taste:

Chilled, it take on an entirely new character. It’s smooth, very smooth with an exceptionally clean and light finish. There’s a subtle, distant, flash of warmth as it goes down, like that last pulse of light before the sun disappears over the horizon. Please excuse me if I wax poetic, good vodkas do that to me.

The Feel:

It feels very light, it doesn’t have that weighty, creamy or oily mouth-feel to it. ..I’d almost go as far as calling it refreshing… if you could say that about any vodka. A first choice as a foundation to any summertime cocktail or shot; it also shines on it’s own on the rocks with a twist.


It’s the middle of winter in Chicago at the time of this writing, there’s snow on the ground and instead of thinking of a roaring fire, Clique has me thinking of warmer climes: South Beach Miami to be specific…maybe it’s the taste or maybe it’s just the mood behind what Clique vodka is about but it definitely brings me back to those nights on Ocean Drive where the music was loud and the bodies where beautiful. You should try Clique Vodka and see where it takes you. As Clique expands its distribution across the country you’ll soon find it at a store near you… may not be top shelf but that’s no the point. Clique doesn’t really give a damn about status, it’s all about having a great time and putting out a great vodka regardless of which shelf it’s on.

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Xan Garcia

Xan Garcia

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